Everyday lives in the Maldives

Balancing environmental sustainability, economic development and livelihoods

The research project is based around three different themes.

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Day-to-day environmental change

Everyday lives and practices

Place, community and hope


Read more on the research methodologies being used for the project on the insights blog.


Some of the past research undertaken by the team, which informs this project includes:

Contestation over an island imaginary landscape: The management and maintenance of touristic nature, Uma Kothari, Alex Arnall, Environment and Planning, Vol 49, Issue 5, pp. 980 – 998, published: January 2017

Challenging climate change and migration discourse: Different understandings of timescale and temporality in the Maldives, Alex Arnall, Uma Kothari, Global Environmental Change, Vol 31, pp. 199-206, published: March 2015

Reworking colonial imaginaries in post-colonial tourist enclaves, Uma Kothari, Tourist Studies, Vol 15, Issue 3, pp. 248 – 266, published: May 2015